Mechanical engineering & industrial automation design office:
Lemtronic offers you its expertise!
We offer you our expertise for the execution of all your projects in mechanical engineering and automation, from simple manual workstations to complete production lines.
We will successfully implement your project from a simple drawing. We study its feasibility, develop solutions, model the whole ensemble and its elements, make models and prototypes, and manufacture your product.
Studies and development:
We cover all phases of product manufacture, from design to production.
We make full-scale or reduced-scale prototypes. All our processes are checked by means of concrete tests in order to validate your processes.
We manufacture your products, find solutions to reduce production costs and minimize timelines.
We follow up on your project and supply all the necessary documents such as technical files, FMEA, structured modification tracking and instruction manuals.

Environmental protection in the context of sustainable development is at the heart of any endeavor today. Nowadays this concept goes hand in hand with process optimization and cost reduction.
Lemtronic is committed to providing you with cutting-edge technology and environmentally responsible solutions.
Plastics processing, sheet metal working, overall and subassembly design, complex machinery, wiring diagram, vibration technology, 3D modeling, sizing, materials, coatings, programming, automation, safety, pneumatics, robotics, etc.
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Design office :
- Mecanical engineering
- Automation
Machine manufacture :
- Machine catalog
- Special-purpose machine
- Feeder for machine
- Machine protection & safety
- Machine retrofitting
Maintenance :
- Building
- Industrial mechanics

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